We offer a large selection of containers and pots for gardeners and farmers. From growing a few lettuce plants to growing trees, we have the containers you need.


Excellent stackable planters for growing a vertical garden! A great way for the Urban Farmer to save space. When you can’t grow horizontally, why not grow vertically! These stackable pots allow for as much growth as you need. Keep on stacking them up. Comes with a 1″ hole that allows for pvc for extra support. [...]

Smart Pots

5 Gallon Smart Pot is a great container for most vegetables and herbs. Also great for flowers.


These containers make it easy and safe to ship live plants! Holds live transplants securely during shipping. These live plant containers work great for shipping vegetable seedlings, flower transplants, fruits, herb seedlings and much more. We use these to ship our live transplants and they work great! Allow the plants to breath easily and fits [...]


Perfect pouch bags for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Add life to garden fences and walls, posts, gates, railings, decks and anywhere else you find could use a little splash of color. This is an outdoor planter. This pouch is designed to maximize space and grow beautiful hanging flowers or veggies. Hang these anywhere – [...]

Potato Tubs

Tough, Heavy Duty Polyethylene. Strong Stitched Seams And Carry Handles. Drainage Holes. Two Access Flaps For Potato Harvest.


Perfect pouch bags for growing flowers, vegetables and fruits.