Brassicas Seed

Brassica and mustard cover crops are known for their rapid growth, great biomass production and nutrient scavenging ability. These plants produce great foraging crops for livestock. Brassica’s are also used for pest management on farms. Most Brassica species release chemicals that have been shown to be toxic to soil borne pathogens and pests, such as nematodes, fungi and some weeds.


High concentrations of protein, sugar content and leaf yields.


Dwarf Essex Rape is a perfect grazer plant that will persist well after the first frost. Ready to pasture 6-8 weeks after sowing.

Common Flax

Flax is a cool season annual with short taproots!


Jackhammer radish is a fast growing daikon radish that is a great scavenger. Starts germinating immediately and very easy to grow. Winter kills and turns into great biomass.